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In this season, lots of work needs to be finished in almost every company. And even each of us has to keep busy in doing lots of excel and word files.
You must ever have this kind of experience that you need some data information from some existed excel workbooks. But how complicated it is! You have to copy it one row by row or column by column and even a whole day flies away, you feel nothing has been done. You wasted all the time in copying and moving the data. After that, you may have to spend more time to update the selected rows and columns. Therefore, it must become a big headache for you to deal with excel files.
Now, Merge Excel Files comes to you timely. It can help merge several excel sheets into a new sheet or merge several excel files into a new workbook. Merge Excel Flies software can also import one or more CSV files, text files, DBF files into a blank MS excel file and you can insert all of them into a sheet or individual sheet.
With the help of this software, you will be never bothered by the time-consuming and cumbersome job of merging lots of excel files into a worksheet. It’s quick and convenient for you. Most importantly, it’s easy to operate.
Merge Excel Files software is fully compatible with Mac and Windows platforms. In less than three minutes, you can download and install it successfully to merge all your excel files. You don’t need to understand any technical computer things, the only thing you need to do is to click the mouse. Then all things will be done ready for your use. You will be so amazed to find that the work that you prepared to finish within one or two weeks now is finished automated only in several minutes.